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Evergreen Monitor - Winter 2009

"I feel so lucky and so blessed that I found Dr. Roh." Christine Simpson had lived with severe scoliosis since she was diagnosed at age 17. Scoliosis is a painful and sometimes crippling condition in which the spine is curved - it is shaped like an "S" or a "C."

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Evergreen Monitor - Summer 2008

"I was a big fan of getting the pain over." For 48-year-old Bryan Lee, the solution to the most excruciating pain of his life was a minimally invasive spine surgery that no other hospital in the state, and few other hospitals in the country, perform more often than Evergreen Hospital.

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Evergreen Monitor - Fall 2007

The hip bone IS connected to the neck bone! A spine surgery that Leigh Ballantyne calls "totally amazing" is putting a new twist on the old song. Gone, finally, is the neck, shoulder and arm pain that had started to consume the life of this 42-year-old wife, mother of two and busy volunteer.

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